Sunday, April 27, 2014

Tips for circular knitting

I wanted to talk just a little about circular knitting today and give you a couple tips.

How to help eliminate ladders-
Sometimes a vertical line of looser stitches develops at the boundaries between double pointed needles.   In the knitting world, these are called ladders...for obvious reasons when you see them!  To help avoid ladders, when you reach the end of a double pointed needle, work 2-3 stitches from the next needle onto the working needle in each round.  Doing so will move the boundary between the needles and help prevent a column of loose stitches from forming.  Be sure to place a marker to designate the beginning of the round.   Another simple alternative is to work the first stitch or 2 tighter than you normally would.  I use this technique when knitting mittens for my shop.

Hand knit vest with circular needles

Working with circular knitting needles-

If you use circular needles with interchangeable tips, try putting the needle size needle to get gauge on the right hand tip and a needle one size smaller on the left hand tip.  You will be knitting with the proper size needle, but the stitches will move more easily from the cable onto the smaller left hand needle tip as you work around.  Of course, if you don't have interchangeable needles, the alternative is to pull the yarn a bit snugger as you come to the end of 1 needle.  This is my preferred method since I only just got some interchangeable knitting needles and I'm not quite used to them.  I normally use bamboo and have been very happy.

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